Iliken my photography process to that of a crime scene investigator. I collectand document physical evidences of compliance and subversion. I am notinterested in facts, rather how the unseen and seen affect our condition ofliving, imagining and subverting the paths and barriers laid out before us incities.

ShyueWoon (1975) works as an Architect. His photographic work is motivated by hisinterest in fringe spaces within modern constructed urban centres andmegacities. He is curious about how built environments and their utility getsubverted over time.

Photo by Kevin WY Lee

Group Exhibitions/Shows

[July 2014] Shooting Home 2014 Grad Show. Objectifs, Singapore.
[Nov 2014] BlowUp @Angkor - 10th Angkor Photo Festival. Siam Reap, Cambodia
[July 2015] Sombra Projects, Singapore.
[July 2015] Obscura Festival 2015 Preview. Awe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
[Sep 2015] Shooting Home Reunion Show. Artistry, Singapore
[Apr 2016] Odessa//Batumi Photo days. Odessa, Ukraine
[Sep 2016] Mt Rokko International Photography Festival Emerging Photographers. Kobe, Japan
[Nov 2016] EPHEMERA. Substation, Singapore
[Nov 2016] I.F.P. Melbourne, Australia
[Mar 2017] FirstDraft. Objectifs, Singapore
[July 2017] Response to Northeast Hinterland. Objectifs, Singapore


[Apr 2015] Thank you Mr Lee. Published by Platform / Basheer Graphic Books
[Apr 2016] +50. Published by Platform
[Dec 2016] European Photography 100 Issue. Published by Andreas Muller-Pohle
[May 2017] IPA MZ Editions. Published by IPA
[July 2017] Response to Northeast Hinterland. Published by Exactly Foundation


[Sep 2016]  Mt Rokko International Photography Festival Emerging Photographers. Japan
[Mar 2017]  FirstDraft Award. Objectifs, Singapore

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